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Texas Property Code – Locks

Texas Property Code – Locks

The Texas Property Code addresses a lot of what we do with Rental Properties here in Texas.  This includes how often we change the keys, and even what type of locks are required for your rental property.

As a landlord, you (or your Property Manager) should know what is required, and when it has to be done.  This article is to help explain that.

Each exterior door is required to have a few things…

  1. A Keyed Deadbolt.  Self explanatory. We recommend installing stronger/longer screws while you’re at it.
  2. A Keyless Deabolt. This is to prevent entry from someone else that may have a key while the tenants are at home.
  3. A Viewing Device (Peephole) that has at least 160* of view.
  4. Sliding Glass Doors must have a pin lock installed.

The next item that gets most people is… What constitutes an ‘Exterior Door’?

An Exterior Door is any door that leads to the Interior of the home.  The includes, the Front Door, Back / Side Entrances and the door leading into the home FROM the garage.

The ramifications for not complying with the Security Devices portion of the Property code are quite serious actually.  The tenant could even unilaterally terminate the lease without going to court!

As a Property Management Client, we will always make sure that your property meets the Texas Property Code when it comes to locks.  That’s why we use the pros, for Risk Management.

This article is not a complete rendition of the Property Code, and is for information only.  To see more on this subject, check out Subchapter D. Security Devices of the Texas Property Code.