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Keyless Deadbolts and What You (the tenant) Need to Know About Them

Keyless Deadbolts and What You (the tenant) Need to Know About Them

We get this a lot in San Antonio Property Management. More than you would think actually...

A tenant calls. They left through the garage door. When they came home, the garage opener doesn't work, and they can't open the door using their key because they engaged the keyless deadbolt from the inside before they left.

In San Antonio Property Management Services, we have to follow the Texas Property Code when it comes to Locks and Security Devices. One of these requirements is that each exterior door (any door that leaves the interior) must have a Keyless Deadbolt OR a Locking Ring (pictured) installed.  Photo of a Locking Ring Keyless Security Device for San Antonio Property Management Services

The idea behind this is that when tenants are home, they can engage these locks, and anyone with a key will not be able to freely enter the home. This could be an unscrupulous owner, an 'ex', or anyone else that may have an unauthorized key to the home. 

People should feel safe when they're asleep, and this is how we help do that....

Anyway, these are intended to keep you safe when you are asleep. And they do a good job at that, but there is downside. You can lock yourself out with no way to get in. And no, we can't just remove those locks for you, they're the law when it comes to San Antonio Rental Properties. 

Now 'The Scenario' (yes, it really happens). 

You have locked 'All of the locks' and walked out through the garage door. While you were away, there was an electrical surge or an outage.

Upon your return, the garage door will not lift. Oh no, 'you locked all the locks'. Now what?

Well, if it's just an outage, wait until the electricity comes back on and the garage door hopefully works and you can get back in.

But if a breaker in the garage was tripped when the electricity comes back on, there is likely no opening that door, nor is there a way to unlock those keyless deadbolts from inside. They're keyless, remember?

Now what?? Essentially, you'll need to call a locksmith and have them help break into your home. Once you're in, you'll also be responsible for any repairs/damages from 'the break in'.

As always, feel free to Contact Us if you have a need for San Antonio Property Management Services. Even if you are a DIY Landlord, we're still happy to talk a while and point you in the right direction.